During a move is not the time to get sick or hurt. And If you do, it is certainly not the time to put your head down and push through it. Moving is taxing – both physically and emotionally – so don’t get caught unprepared. At On The Move Moving and Storage we have the tips and experience to help you through it.

Health & Hygiene

Maintaining proper hygiene is key to staying healthy while moving. Whether you’ve recruited help or are going solo, chances are you’ll be handling a lot more then you do on a normal day. It is important to keep your hand and face clean and protected.

Clean Hands

The best way to fight against infections, viruses, and harmful bacteria is to wash your hands frequently and after you think you’ve touched something that might be contaminated. that might be items from your bathroom, your kitchen, or even other people. Person-to-person contact is one of the easiest ways for you to get sick or get someone else sick.

People touch their face 2-3 times per minute on average. Unfortunately, if you’ve come in contact with an infection, virus, or harmful bacteria and then you touch your face, you’re essentially opening the front door and inviting them in. If you need to wipe sweat off your face or scratch an itch, use your forearm, bicep, the back of your hand, or a rag.

Protective Gear

Wear gloves. When we’re moving we’re mostly using our hands. Our hands come in contact with box cutters, tape dispensers, packing materials, and other people. So, on top of keeping your hands clean, wearing gloves can protect you from accidentally cutting yourself, coming in contact with anything contaminated, and can even add an extra layer of protection if something falls on them.

Going through a basement or attic can kick up particles and dust you’re not used to breathing in. Wearing a face mask can help prevent these particles from being inhaled and potentially making you sick. Eye protection is another must have when dealing with these types of areas. Sand, dirt, dust, even bugs all have easy access to your eyes if you’re not wearing protection.


Using proper technique and form when lifting heavy objects or maneuvering through tight spaces is critical in preventing injury. This is all about slowing down, making smart decisions, and planning ahead. Here are a few tips when dealing with heavy or bulky objects:
• Use tools to your advantage
o Dollies, hand-trucks, rollers, and straps can all help move those big items quicker and more efficiently
o An old sheet or blanket can be used to drag heavy items across non carpeted floors
• When lifting, bend at the knees and hips, never at the back, never turn or twist mid-lift, and don’t carry heavy items above shoulder height
• Recruit help – the power of teamwork is amazing

Hire Professional Movers

If you want a total stress-free move, let us do it for you. On The Move of Murfreesboro does it all – we’ll bring the supplies, pack up your things, move them to your new home, and unpack for you. We even have storage options if you are moving in stages. Our experienced professionals will treat you and your things with the courtesy and respect you deserves. Let us help you today.