full-service storage unitStorage units can be extremely helpful, especially if you’re moving. They’re the perfect way to store things you don’t currently need like holiday decor, dining ware, and even electronics.

While they do a great job of keeping your personal items in one place, there is an art to packing everything properly. Let’s take a look at a few tips for properly packing away your items in a full-service storage unit.

Make Lists

Before you put things into boxes, make a list of what’s going where. This will help you stay organized and easily find what you need. You can also write down where each box is located in the full-service storage unit so you know exactly where to look when you enter the door. It’s also a good idea to write down everything that you store in the unit for insurance purposes. If something were to happen to your unit, the insurance company will need to know what you lost so you can file a proper claim.

Stack Your Boxes Properly

In order to have easy access to your boxes, you need to make sure they’re stacked properly. Take the heaviest boxes and put them on the bottom. However, make sure that the heaviest boxes are also the biggest ones. You don’t want to stack small boxes at the bottom and have bigger boxes balancing on top of them. By doing that, you’re risking potential injury and potential damage to your belongings.

Keep Hazardous and Wet Materials Out of There

It’s extremely important to note that hazardous materials have no place in a storage unit. The materials, which include chemicals, can topple over and spill across the floor of your unit. This is dangerous because they can interact with other materials and cause fires, explosions, and other incidents. It’s also important to note that you should never put any wet items in the unit. Usually, full-service storage units are dark and cold, which is a prime location for mold growth. If you’re considering storing wet clothes in the unit, don’t do it.

One out of every 10 Americans utilizes offsite storage. While these units are helpful, it’s important that you pack and use them properly. Take the tips above and remember them when you’re packing your items away.