Do you pack specialty items at On the Move movers in Tennessee?

We do. One of the things that we run into a lot are marble tops. Items of this nature, these require wood crating. It’s better for these types of items to be crated in a wood crate. Sculptures, artwork, and similar items, we can crate so that they are taken extra special care of.

When you need to move other items such as pianos, special items that are antique, or heirlooms, they can usually be wrapped and packaged without extensive wood crating. So those don’t necessarily cost any extra. We just take extra care to make sure these items are wrapped carefully and thoroughly. 

We know specialty items are important for our customers. The biggest help to us is just to know ahead of time so that we can be prepared with the different materials we’ll need for that job. This is one of the reasons we kind try to get out and look at items that may require special handling.

We have one move that we’re working with right now that is going to have to have some things hoisted to the second floor condo. We’re making arrangements to have those items with a crane to lift them up there and put them into a second story apartment. It’s going to be a challenge to work with that, but it’s certainly something we are used to. It just takes a little extra preparation to get these types of moves done.

Are those moving items going to go in through the window or through the front door?

Actually, there’s going to be a porch that they’re going to go onto. The contractor actually put in french doors because they knew there were going to be some specialty items that had to go through there. It helps that there are french doors with a porch, but even when there isn’t, we welcome the challenge.