movingIf you’re planning on moving soon, you’ll be moving in the heat. In fact, most Americans do —
the majority of residential moves occur during the summer (13.9{17285e4506dd7ad3ca06d7ec6245bfdff72c4c71b9b44c55518333c0b794a018} in June alone). That means sweltering summer days, humid weather, and lifting heavy furniture and boxes while the sun beats down on you. This is especially true if you’re someone like a Nashville mover or other locations of a similar humidity and heat.

Even if you’re planning a move during the dog days of summer, there are simple ways to beat the heat. Here are four strategies to consider when moving during the summer.

Get Started Early

Don’t wait to start packing and moving your belongings, try to beat the heat. The summer afternoon is the warmest part of the day, especially if you live in a particularly hot climate. You should aim to move as early in the morning as possible, sometime before 11 a.m when the sun’s rays get the strongest.

There can be a 10-degree difference in the heat in the morning compared to the afternoon. It’s why many moving companies prefer to start early anyway.

Drink Plenty of Water

Staying hydrated during the hotter months is important, especially if you’re being physically active. Lifting boxes and moving up and down flights of stairs can cause a lot of sweat and make you thirsty. Make sure you drink a lot of water to keep your body replenished on its H20 levels. Bring a full day’s supply of water if possible, or drink from the tap.

Wear The Right Clothing

Wear something breathable and lightweight, preferably loose-fitting clothing made of fabrics like cotton or linen. These materials tend to absorb sweat and moisture, and so they can keep you drier than most others. They’ll also allow you to stay cooler.

Always remember to wear lighter colored clothes as well. Dark clothes will absorb more sunlight, and cause you to suffer more heat. Whites and neutrals are a good choice for moving day. Finally, you should also look into wearing a hat and sunglasses when you’re outside to keep the sun’s rays off your head and out of your eyes. This can be immensely helpful in reducing the amount of heat you suffer from.

Hire a Moving Company!

Whether you need a few pieces of furniture moved into storage containers or plan on moving an entire home, hiring movers is the only logical decision. While teenagers and college kids might be able to suffer through a move with a little help from their friends, adults hire movers. Not only will this help you avoid the summer heat, but your move will be completed quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Those four tips will make your summer moving easier and less taxing, guaranteed.

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