What We Can Do To Help When You Need Storage Space

Do you feel like your current home is bursting at the seams, and it’s time to find a permanent home for some of your infrequently used belongings? Or maybe you need to stage your home in order to sell it. You want a place to put the extra items that potential buyers might perceive as clutter. Perhaps have a move scheduled for a Tuesday, but you won’t close on your new home until Friday. A lot of homeowners find at some point or another, they need storage space that is flexible, affordable, and easy to access.

On The Move Moving and Storage can accommodate your belongings, whether it’s for the short term or on a more permanent basis. Our 20,000 square foot facility in Laverne, Tennessee can hold everything, from something as small as a thimble to a huge piece of furniture.

What is Vaulting 101 Storage?

Our vaulting system enables us to keep all of your possessions safely sealed in an 8’x8’x5’ wooden container. We store containers in our climate and pest controlled warehouse. No need to fear flooding, freezing, or overheating that could cause warping.

We stack the vaults carefully in our warehouse, where they’ll be carefully preserved and safely stored. Not only does it ensure that your possessions are secure, but it also enables us to stack the boxes to create room for more. Each vault can hold roughly 1500 lbs, which is the equivalent of an entire bedroom suite. All of your vaults stay stored together. Nothing is left behind when you’re ready to move your belongings back into your home.

On The Move offers a full-service experience for our customers, whether you’re relocating or just need storage space your possessions. Click here to contact us today!