How our Storage Facility can make your Transition Move Easier

In today’s wild word of real estate, it can be difficult to find the perfect new home. After searching and attending open house after open house, it can begin to feel frustrating. Each offer you’ve put in may have been bested, or the house had been sold before you could even schedule a showing.

It’s no secret that great homes are selling fast and option at speeds so high it could make your head spin. This is the 2017 market, and it seems unlikely to change anytime soon. So, what should you do if you sell your fantastic house before finding the perfect new home?

On the Move Storage

Luckily, On the Move offers 20,000 square feet to keep our customer’s belongings safe and sound during these transitional periods. You will never have to worry about your belongings should you find yourself in a temporary transition while waiting to get into your new home.

We offer storage periods from as little as two weeks all the way up to years. While we certainly hope your search won’t take that long, just know On the Move will take care of your items no matter what. That’s not to see those who need short term one or two-day storage are out of luck—we maintain as much flexibility as we can at all times to ensure their needs are met, too.

What Happens in the Storage Facility?

If you’re thinking of a dingy, damp, or dark warehouse where your belongings might not be safe, we don’t blame you. Some companies will take what they can get when it comes to storage but not us. Our storage facilities are heated, fan cooled, and exceptionally dry—no mold or mildew here. Your items will also be stored in safe and protective wooden cratered items, which will be delicately shrink-wrapped and stored up high so nothing can fall onto or damage them.

Additionally, we love our pest control professionals who help keep our storage facility safe, clean and free from critters and bugs, to prevent our customers from finding any unwanted guests in their furniture.

If you’re thinking of making a transitional move and will need to utilize our high-quality storage facility, then contact us today; our expert professionals would love to help you get started.