• Moving With Your Pets in Middle Tennessee. On the Move is the Experience Murfreesboro Mover When it Comes to Helping You Take Care of Your Pets.

So, it’s time to move to a new home either within, to, or from middle TN. You’re excited, but your pets don’t get it. All they really understand is that it’s a huge change. And cats (in particular) hate change. On the Move of Murfreesboro wants to make sure your animals stay happy and healthy with these simple tips.

Make Sure the New Home is Pet-Friendly

Obviously, you won’t be moving into an apartment that prohibits pets if you plan to take Fluffy and Fido with you. But that’s not the only consideration.

-Are you moving into an area with a lot of traffic with animals who have been used to running freely?
-Is there enough vertical space for shelves and cat trees to keep Fluffy happy?
-Do you have enough room for Fido to relieve himself outside?
-Where is the best place for the dogs to get exercise?

You don’t need to pick your home based on the needs of your pets. Just be aware of the potential issues.

Make Packing a Human-Only Activity

There is no way to pack without having stuff all over the floor. Cats and dogs love rummaging around in piles of stuff. But it’s a problem:
• Some animals chew tape, boxes, plastic bags, and anything else laying around. Plastics and ribbons are particularly dangerous.
• If doors are left open, a pet might get out without anyone noticing. A pet who is not used to being outside could panic and disappear.
• Several cats have arrived at their new homes (or elsewhere) in packing boxes. They’re quick and hide well.
If you don’t want to/can’t lock them out of where you’re packing, make sure someone is in charge of knowing where they are.

Getting Pets Ready for the Move

Regardless of how your pets feel about traveling, they will be more comfortable in your car, with you, than anywhere.
Do not move your pet without putting him/her in a carrier. Cats prefer small spaces when they are frightened. Dogs are more comfortable in their own space too. Besides, you won’t find a small furry animal under your foot.
Here’s the best way to make your pet comfortable in the carrier:
-Bring out the carrier as soon as you are ready to move
-After a few days, put a bowl of food in the carrier
-Once the animal is comfortable eating in the carrier, close the door while they are eating
-When you can close the door without a reaction, start carrying your pet around the room
-If they are comfortable being carried, take your pet for a short drive
-Continue daily drives until the move
You probably won’t get your pet to love riding in the car. Easing the anxiety as much as possible is the goal.

One Last Thing Before You Go
Hopefully, you’ve had your pets microchipped so they can find their way home if they get out. You should update the information just before you move. If your pets are not chipped, this is the time to do it.

Welcoming Them to Their New Home
You will not be able to foresee how quickly your pets will adapt to their new home. It is generally best to settle them into one room and let them explore from there. The most important thing to remember is that all doors to the outside are closed when you let your pets out of their carriers.
If you let them settle at their own pace, they’ll be owning the space before you know it. Contact On the Move today for more help with your next move in Rutherford, Murfreesboro, and Middle Tennessee!