Moving With Your Pets. Let On the Move in Murfreesboro Help Make Your Middle Tennessee Move Easy.

Moving is stressful, but you are not the only one who feels it. Your pets are part of your family and they should also be considered when preparing for a move, whether it’s within, to, or from Middle Tennessee. At On the Move in Murfreesboro, we want to make sure you, as well as your pets, get to your next home happy and healthy.

Here are some initial questions you will want to consider when preparing to move with your pets:

–          Does your community or complex actually allow pets? Some HOAs and apartment buildings do not allow certain breeds or any pets at all.

–          Is there a yard or park nearby where your pets can run freely?

–          Is there an obvious and appropriate spot for your pets’ things – carrier, aquarium, or enclosure, bed, food and water bowls, climbing equipment?

–          Is the new home near a highway or busy road?


Prepare Your Pets for the Move

Pets, especially cats, can be wary of traveling to new spaces – it disrupts their usual activities and throws their whole routines off, much like us humans. Until they become accustomed to the new space, they will likely act skittish and unlike their normal selves. Giving them a space of their own they are used to and comfortable in is a good way to ease their transition. In this case, a carrier is the best option, it will keep your pets safe and secure while keeping them from under your feet while driving. It’s best use baby steps when getting your pets accustomed to traveling in a carrier. Here are some helpful tips:

–          Prior to the move, have the carrier out for your pets to sniff, explore, and become acquainted with.

–          Once they have adjusted to the carrier being in the room, place a food bowl inside.

–          When your pets are comfortable eating in the carrier, try closing the door during mealtime.

–          Now add some movement to the equation – carry your pets around the house or take them on short drives.

–          Continue the drives every day until the move.

This type of conditioning will get your pets used to the otherwise jarring experience of moving and is similar to what dolphin trainers do before transporting their animals to new facilities.


Leave Pets Out of the Packing Process

The increased activity in your home during the packing process will likely both interest and scare your pets. They will get into boxes, dive into packing peanuts, and wind themselves up in packing tape. Some material, such as ribbons and plastic bags, can pose health and safety risks for your pets as they can become entangled or eat them. Opens doors also pose a flight risk for pets who feel overwhelmed by the packing process, and with all the commotion, you may not realize your pets have run away. Thinking their pets have gotten out, some people have inadvertently packed them away for the move. Let’s avoid this and keep your pets safe in a separate room or with someone who can supervise them.


Make Their New Home a Safe Space

The time it will take for your pets to adjust to their new home will vary. Animals love to explore, so make sure any exits, windows, and doors to the outside are secure before letting your pets out of their carrier. You may consider setting up their area first– food and water bowls, bed, toys – and letting them start their exploration from there. They will be more comfortable around familiar objects that hold their scent.


Have more questions? On the Move Moving and Storage in Murfreesboro will help you with your next move in Rutherford County, Murfreesboro, and Middle Tennessee. Contact us today.