Let’s talk about the moving payment whether it is local in Tennessee or out-of-state. What forms of payment do you take?

As far as your moving payment, on a local move, the move starts when you book it. We’ll discuss how to pay for your move at that time, but it isn’t necessarily due at that time. We accept cash, check, a local check from a Murfreesboro, Lavergne, or Nashville area bank is fine, or credit card.

The cash or the check is due upon the completion of the move. If it’s going to be a credit card, we usually get that information the day before. Once we complete the move, we run the card and everything is done. On an out-of-state move, we ask for cash, certified check, or credit card. Again, we run the credit card the day before, and then the cash or the certified check is due upon delivery. In other words, we would collect that before we unload at destination, then once that’s done, everything is completed on the payment side.

What is your cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy is that if you’re not able to move, you tell us, and there is no fee or anything for that. If you cancel with us, that’s not a problem. A lot of times, what happens is clients postpone moves because of closing dates falling through or other similar issues. Again, we don’t charge anything for that. It is just a matter of once you get your dates, we’re going to work with you. But we understand that in this market, closings change and things happen. We just work with the customer to make that new date work, but we do not have a cancellation fee.