Does On the Move ever do any work with Middle Tennessee moving company subcontractors? What I mean by that is do you use other moving companies, or how do you do that?

No, we don’t. We hire our own people. As a premier Middle Tennessee moving company, our employees do all of our work even when we move out of state. We are not hooked in with Van Lines or with a network that will haul our goods.

We do work with other carriers, maybe to supply help if we need to get a truck loaded or something. But our driver actually takes that shipment from point A to point B, and you’re always working with On The Move’s employees. We do not subcontract that out either, on a long distance basis or on a short move, local basis. We always have control over that. They are our people, and we’re going to stay with that model for a long time. It’s worked up until now, and we think that gives us a real good handle on what’s going on from start to finish.

Are there a lot of other companies here in middle Tennessee that do subcontractors or just do part of the work and then hand it off to somebody else?

There are a lot of different models. Some of the bigger van lines, they have subcontractors that just work for them. It’s a model that can work because they know those people. But there are others that just do booking and subcontract out to different contractors. Sometimes that works, and sometimes it allows a lot of miscommunication and things like that. And that’s when a move can go sideways, if things are not communicated well. For us, it’s just better for us to know all the way through who is handling it and what’s going on with that move.