Packing can be a tedious task, but packing early will help you save time and the potential hassle of packing at the last minute. If you are moving in one week or less, it is best to start packing today! Here are 10 tips on how to get started packing for your next move:

  1. Start by packing anything that doesn’t need to stay in the rooms where people will still be living. For example, empty out kitchen cabinets if they won’t be used while you’re gone.
  2.  Label boxes with what room they belong in so when you unpack everything it’s easy to put things back where they belong (e.g., “kitchen” “bathroom” etc.).
  3.  Pack clothes, shoes, bedding and towels first. Then fill the rest of your boxes with non-essentials like knickknacks and small decor items.
  4.  Pack heavy furniture first (e.g., dressers), then pack breakables on top or around it to prevent them from getting damaged during packing/unpacking (e.g., plates).
  5.  Use smaller boxes for more delicate things so they don’t get as jostled around as much when moving large objects such as a dresser or television set. Fill some larger boxes with packing peanuts so that these types of heavier items will be cushioned while you move them in the van/truck rental company’s vehicle(s).
  6.  Keep track of which items are in which boxes so that when you unpack everything, the packing slips will help you find your items more easily.
  7.  Pack up all of your food and drinks to keep ants out during moving day. Don’t forget about animal/pet foods too!
  8.  If it is not possible for you to pack ahead of time (e.g., if someone else needs access to a room or area where packing supplies are), make sure you have enough packing tape on hand as well as some trash bags, paper towels and cleaning supplies like disinfectant wipes ready before packing starts. This way once every good packing item has been used up, there’s no need for anyone who’s helping with packing to what they’re doing until it’s time to start packing for real.
  9.  If you’re packing during the winter and moving in a snowy area, be sure to pack your skis/snowboards last as they could get damaged by precipitation. Also check that no water is dripping from air conditioners or heaters before packing those items either! Don’t forget about anything on balconies too so nothing gets ruined due to weather conditions if moving day happens to take place when it’s snowing out (e.g., garden furniture).
  10.  Once everything has been packed up, ask yourself if there’s anything you might need immediately once unpacking begins – such as toiletries and spare towels for bathrooms? If not, then wait until after move-in day at the new home to pack those items.

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