One consideration for How To Get Ready for a Move is figuring out who will pack what. Can I pack my own belongings, or does On The Move do it?

Absolutely, you could pack any items that require packing if you decide to do it yourself. Once we accept a shipment, if a customer packed it, we are responsible for it. If something is damaged in that box, and there is no visual damage to that box, it would usually go back to packing. But if we mishandle a box, it will go back on us.

Do you have any restrictions on the type and number of boxes and bags that I can use?

The one thing we just ask is that that box have a top on it, be sealed up, and be properly marked. It is important, though, to make sure that things are wrapped and packaged in a good way so that you can minimize that amount of damage. 

Do you have a service where you pack for your clients?

Definitely. We can go in and pack up everything from dishes to books to clothing, and prepare that shipment for delivery. Then, we also can go in and do the unpacking also. We get all the boxes emptied and put away the items. Typically, on that service, dishes and things like that would be what we call “countertop.” In other words, we will take it out of the box, and put it up on the counter. We don’t typically put it up in the cabinets, because most people want to know where their things are.

Our unpackers do get of the boxes though which is a great relief for most homeowners. They also would unpack any mirrors, and put those back on dressers. We don’t hang pictures or mirrors, but we unpack them and have them staged where someone could hang them after we leave.

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