Even when you’ve hired the best, most careful, professional movers around, the unfortunate fact of life is, mistakes and accidents happen. So, what should you do if something arrives broken or damaged, or doesn’t arrive at all? Here’s what you should expect:

Before the move: prevention

Prevention is the best medicine, as they say. In this instance, careful packing, proper packing materials, and labeling can help prevent damage.

This is not to say you should wrap your dresser in bubble wrap, but to do what you can to ensure your items are secure. Not comfortable with your packing ability? On the Move can help with packing services (or at very least, proper packing materials.)

Check for damage before signing off on inventory

OK, so this is sort of another “before” step, but it’s an important one. You are far more familiar with your household items than the movers, so you are the one in charge of making note of any damages.

You’ll be able to tell if the scratch on the coffee table is new – or if it was from your son’s overzealous hot wheels races 4 years ago. You’ll be in charge of checking over your items and signing off on the inventory.

Document the damages

It’s a good idea to take photos of the larger, more valuable, or more fragile household items before you move to provide a solid “before” picture. When you find damage, be sure to make notes and visual documentation (photos or video) of the damage for reference for the claim.

File a claim

If you do have damaged items, it’s best to get the claim filed as soon as possible. The claim form will be sent to you upon your request. Once this is returned with your documentation, we will review the valuation coverage that was chosen when the moving agreement was signed, and determine repair or replacement costs for reimbursement. (Avoid the “should haves” ahead of time by taking the highest amount of coverage that fits your budget!)

We understand that having something damaged or lost in a move can be frustrating. We at On the Move do our best to prevent these situations from happening and will do everything in our power to assist when something does happen.

If you are ready to move and have questions about the lost/damaged items handling or any other part of the moving process, don’t hesitate to contact us!