What Moving Company Insurance and Licenses Should I Check for?

Moving companies should have coverages for their trucks, cargo coverage, workers’ comp coverage, and then a general liability. Anytime anybody comes on your property and works, they need to provide that workers’ comp as one thing in case someone gets hurt. If they don’t, and someone does get hurt, it will fall back on the homeowner. You don’t need that as a distraction while you’re trying to move.

Is On the Move properly licensed, and if so, what licenses do you guys have?

We have our basic business license, you have to keep those going. But as a part of working in an interstate commerce, you have to have a DOT number. This basically allows you to go state to state. To get that, you do have to provide an application along with proof of insurance and things like that so that you can operate in that venue.

Are there any other local or state licenses that you have to have or you should have?

No. Actually, Tennessee is a deregulated state. We do, of course, maintain our insurance, certificates, and things like that, but we don’t have anything specific through the state after those. Back in the older days, we did have an association. It was a little more regulated, but as of now, it’s a deregulated state.